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Moving to Windows Server

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I'm getting ready to move a FileMaker / MirrorSync installation from a Mac system to a Windows Server.  In reading the documentation on moving from one server to another it states that I need to:

Run the MirrorSync admin utility. Edit the configuration and modify the IP addresses of the servers as necessary. In the last step of the process where you copy and paste the script steps into the MirrorSync script, be sure to first delete the 'MirrorSync_internal' and 'MirrorSync_external' items from the list of external data sources. They will be recreated with updated values when you paste the script steps.

We are running a different database for the spoke from the hub.  Does this mean I will need to recopy the scripts and have all remote users download a new copy of the file?  That is something I'd really like to avoid if possible.  I do plan to keep the IP address for the new server the same as the old (it is replacing the old system)  Both FileMaker Server (13) and MirrorSync are installed on the same system.

Thanks for any input/suggestions.


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The section in the documentation you read about was assuming that the addresses of the server are changing. If you are able to keep the same IP address, it shouldn't be necessary to make changes to the offline files that you've distributed to users. Good luck!

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This topic is 2995 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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