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Spouse Relationship & Anniversary

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This is the database structure as I have it. 

Account ---< People 

There could be several people related to an account originally i had their anniversary date stored in each persons record however I have seen incomplete information or mismatched information, plus it required a duplicate entry on two records. 

So then I figured we only need ONE instance of this anniversary date so i could store that in the main account table, and also a flag if they wish to receive an anniversary card.

But now i need to link two individuals together so that I can derive the names to put on the card & envelope.

And also break the link when one of the individuals pass away so as not to send them an anniversary card posthumous. Or at least un-flag the record to send a card, the link and date could remain, as there are cases where I need to send documents to the surviving spouse and add the phrase "Estate of" for the deceased. 

I was thinking of just a text field in the account table that would contain a return separated list of the UUID for the people. But this could be harder to deal with if I need to do a n SQL statement with it. Or possibly a spouse_one & spouse_two field - not clean or ideal...

suggestions welcomed.

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This topic is 2993 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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