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Allowing user to choose what to print on report


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Hi everyone

I've created a window that opens when the user chooses to print a report. I would like to give them options on how to generate this report (or which layout to go to depending on their selected options). The client is very picky about choosing what information they want available when they print certain reports. Of course, I want to allow them a few options to choose from so they can provide more/less info should they choose. A few of the options I've provided as checkboxes in a global field:

- Show line amounts
- Show line comments
- Include order disclaimer
- Show system order notes


I know a script using IF statements could direct FileMaker to the correct layout to print, but I feel this could be a very hefty script and quite hard to keep track of when using "show line amounts" and "show line comments" as the results. Perhaps there's a way to calculate the correct layout using a numerical result?


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I'd use a master script, well commented, that then directs to sub-scripts to produce the results... 

# Master Script for Reporting
# Created madman411 - 2016-01-20
Allow User Abort [Off]
Set Error Capture [On]
# Master branching script
Set Variable [$report; Reports:Global_Report_value]
If [$report = "Some Value"]
 Perform Script ["Some value Report"
ElseIf [$report = "Another value"]
etc etc


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This topic is 2968 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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