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Buttons vs Text

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Hey all.

I have a database I inherited that uses a lot of Text objects formatted to look like buttons.

As I am going threw and modernizing this system, is there any tangible benefit for me to re draw these objects as buttons?

On the one hand, why should I bother?  I have all the same tools in the Inspector for buttons and for Text objects (drop shadows, boarders, fill, hover state) so I can just use special 'button like' styles for these text objects.  By and large all the buttons look OK.

On the other hand, are there any behind the scenes benefits I am not aware of?  For example I remember Matt Petrowsky (?) once mentioned that there is a lot of overhead to using a Tab Control vs a Slider.  Presumably because the Tab object is older and has more things to track.



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Hi Jerry :)

As you know, anything can be turned into a button.  But if those buttons are not styles, they will require more resources to draw them, akin to using Format Painter.  You can select your button and add it as a new style called text-button ( for example ) and then save the theme.  It will always appear in the text section of styles and not in buttons section but at least it will decrease the resources needed if you make it a style.  You would have to select each text-button and re-point to the style.

Off-hand, the only other difference is buttons allow icon with or without text above, to the side or below.  

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This topic is 2962 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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