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I have script which writes order line products numbers to list in single record Preference table. like this


This is related to our product table as  Preferences global_product_number = Products product_number and our crew views this list of products in a portal on layout from Preference.  Script trigger on order layouts fires ever 3 minutes if Get(openRecordState) or Get(OpenRecordNumber) and layout object is "portal" and purpose is to keep that list updated with 'currently being built products' so the guys can begin to assemble materials and schedule crew.

It is not always exact since sometimes a product is deleted from order_lines and I can not remove it from that list because it might have been put there by another person entering different order but it gives manufacturing floor a 'heads up' on what is coming.  Originally I wrote an X to the product but other people are modifying products and I read not to mark records so I use this list idea instead but it is funky.

Many people creating orders cause error of record lock in Preference table and do not get written.  I have not avoided record lock at all only compounded it.  I was thinking to use global variable from each person and then somehow grouping them into one single Set Field every 3 minutes but I am worried if many people run this at once so I need help in knowing how to only run the script which sets the field once every 3 minutes.

If I am unclear I am happy to produce more details.  Thank you for considering my request.

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Hi David,

What exactly qualifies a order_line record's ID to be included in your Preference List field? It might be worth adding a "qualification" to the order_line record  so that you can just refer to it. That way if a item is deleted, this ID list is still accurate. Please give me more specs on this and I will do my best to help you sort through it.


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Hi Don

I realized that this whole thing was dumb since I could relate the records directly if OrderLines belong to an order which is not yet set to CONFIRMED, which fits with your suggestion. 

so I will use that string 'confirmed' in the order line table and when an order is confirmed, write it to the order lines.  Then I can relate that to string <> 'confirmed' in preferences to display currently being created products from orders.

I have not tried this yet but I will this week and let you know if it works.

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The tricky part here is if the Order contains that field called "Order Status" which you can modify to be Confirmed or Pending, to have an INDEXED field that mirrors that status in the related items. Then there are a few other things you need to do to get it all to function properly.

Check out this file. It shows a very basic method on how to handle this. Extract what is useful from it. If you have questions, please feel free to post them.

Good Luck!


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This topic is 2922 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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