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Login issue

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OS X El Capitan, FM14A

Over the past two days, on opening 'fmforums.com/discover/unread/', I'm getting a message saying I don't have permission to access that page and am invited to login. I do this only to see that my username and password fields are already completed, remember me is checked. I click login and all is OK.

This didn't happen before.

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Hi Normanicus, :smile3:

At first I could not replicate it either; same as Lee.  But then I opened Chrome ( my current browser ) and went to advanced settings and checked to allow Chrome to ask if I want to save my name and password.  I checked yes, closed and reopened Chrome then:

  1. Signed into FMForums specifying to 'remember me'
  2. Signed out of FMForums and closed the browser tab/window
  3. Selected fmforums.com/discover/unread/
  4. Message displays 'you do not have permission to view this stream' error 2C280/3
  5. Button 'existing user/sign in' then it displays my filled-in name and password ( field background in yellow )
  6. And I am able to log in.

I believe the message in #4 works although it is a bit abrupt (and appears broken).  Is that what you are seeing?

Chrome then fills in my information in #5.  It is possible that FMForums performed some work during that outage which changed the login process but it might also be due to setting changes in your browser which alters the login behavior you're observing.

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Part of the reason for the error is because http://fmforums.com/discover/unread/ is only available to members who are logged to provide a session and result set of unread items since your previous visit.

 That link is not valid to users who are not logged in as everything is unread and there is no "session" to provide read/unread results.

Perhaps too it has to do with how the server is currently caching data before we were caching data via SQL and a PHP service memcached but something when sideways and I have not been available to coordinate with my IPS to review and remedy that process - currently the site is not caching as typical via a database and using file storage for other parts. 

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This morning it worked OK. Thanks. Or maybe, following your explanation, it sorted itself out.

We all keep working to make this computerised world simpler but complexity continues to overtake us. Keeps us in a job, I suppose.

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This topic is 2303 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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