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Count Related Records Conditionally

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I have a Personnel table and a Timesheet table, related by a Personnel UID (unique ID field). (One Personnel record to many Timesheet records.)

The Timesheet table includes a field "Approval Status" that can have 4 possible values based on a value list (New, Submitted, Approved, Needs Revision).

I'm trying to find the cleanest way to show how many related Timesheet records have a status of "Submitted" on each Personnel record.

The ultimate goal will be a "dashboard" for managers (based on Personnel table) with a portal of their direct reports (self-related table PersonnelSelf_DirectReports based on a manager field) that displays how many records each direct report currently has waiting for approval. (The Timesheet record is currently "Submitted" and needs the manager to review and change to "Approved".)

I'll also want to give employees a dashboard portal showing that they have Timesheet records that the manager marked as "Needs Revision", but once I figure out the above, this will logically function the same.

I tried a calculation field in Personnel with a Count function of related records, but I can only then do a straight count, not a count with a condition (aka count only where Approval Status = "Submitted".

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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This topic is 2249 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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