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How about a layout mode screen shot?

You seem to be hiding important evidence (a screenshot of the entire screen).

And a description of what mode they are in. Etc. etc.

FWIW here's a browse mode and preview mode of an example file.

browse mode.png

preview mode.png

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Hi Steve, no their privilege set does not deny them access.

Bruce, please attached screen shot of Layout mode.  I basically pop a new window just for the notes, then are in "Browse" mode.



Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 12.51.23 PM.png

Also, the odd thing here is that the "Tabs" are not in agreement with the naming ??

The customer goes in a changes things ... I am not sure what he is doing at this moment to have his tab name diff from the tab names in the set up window.

Thanks ...

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A couple of thoughts ...

  1. It looks like there is a rectangle behind the tab control.  If so, the client might have accidentally changed the stacking order and placed the tab control behind the rectangle.
  2. There are no records in the found set.
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I should mention, on item #1 ... the 'rectangle' is the grey raised box.  It can not be a background Style because it overlaps into the footer so it must (?) be an object placed on the layout.

Also, the reason you might be viewing a different tab control is that there may be two on the layout - one you (on top of the rectangle) and one under it.  The client might have thought the tab panel was deleted instead of dropping behind the rectangle and so he created a second one.  I hope you figure it out and let us know ... oddities always intrigue me.  :-)

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I double clicked the "Tab" pnl to pop the "Tab Set Up Control" so that is all that is.  Though I did check to see if there were maybe a grouping of two tab panels.  But there were none.

I' will be talking to the customer tonight and will let you know what he did.

I've tried everything I could think of but unable to name those tabs independently other than in the "Tab Control Set Up"

Thank you.


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This topic is 1472 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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