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Chris Sedlak

Mac OS - Java Update 6 crashing Filemaker

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Apple just released an update 6 for Java and I'm having a problem with Filemaker crashing as soon as you pull up a layout with Supercontainer on it.

The problem is only showing up on Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7, and nothing yet reported for PC's.

It appears that this version of Java is not compatible with Supercontainer 2.83. I've tried downgrading SC to 2.74, which has always worked in the past, but it still crashed.

The only way I can get any functionality back is to turn the applet off, thereby bypassing Java.

I'm stumped. I've searched for Java Update 5, but it seems that as soon as Apple posts a new version, the old one is gone forever.

Any help would be appreciate.


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An update... I've turned off the applet, and the crashing stops.

But, while doing so, I noticed that the only SC windows that were crashing FM were the ones referencing "Files" versus the ones where I reference "RawData". It appears that it's not Java necessarily, but some portion of it that is not playing nice with SC.

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Darn, I have the same problem too. Adding +noapplet to the webviewer url has fixed the crashing issue, but at the sake of loosing essential functionality. Hurry up and release a fix please apple!

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The issue you are experiencing is due to a bug in the latest version of Java released by apple. We have already reported the bugs. In the mean time, all java applets (such as SuperContainer) will cause FileMaker to crash. We have released an update to SuperContainer to automatically disable the java applet on mac clients. You will not be able to use java applets in FileMaker on mac until apple releases a fix for these issues, unfortunately.

You can download the latest version of SuperContainer from

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Thanks for the update David.

I had SuperContainer version 2.83 running and it was still crashing.

I ended up creating a user-based variable that lets me disable applets when someone tells me they have a problem.

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2.831 contains the fix. Make sure that you update your server, and not just the plugins on your client. The server update is what fixes the issue.

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Okay. Will do.

Is there a way to automate the server-side plugin like the client side?

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You need to update your SuperContainer server, not the plugin installed on your filemaker server. The SuperContainer server itself is what will automatically disable the java applet once you upgrade to 2.831. Make sure you either run the installer to update to the latest version if you have SC installed as part of FMS or run the latest version using supercontainerserver.jar.

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Curious, since I would rather not do this work around. And being IT for a small business that has spent mucho money on getting this database to where it is. I don't think the owners or our production people, to lose this java functionality. That being said, I have found downgrading java to be a very difficult task to do, so my option is to just reinstall an OS and update everything but JAVA. Now we have it set up for password protect for updates. But there are senior people that can bypass and although emails are sent out, still it is happening.

Longstory short,

I am way to busy to continue researching downgrading JAVA, so I think since the options are pretty bad, leaving java to never use filemaker again, disable applet, then what was the point of super container?

So if anyone has a quick link to a java downgrade steps? Also I think 360 should supply information to people who ask about it, since your software is crashing filemaker.

Thank you.

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