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Sync is not setting properly

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I created a record on iPad and the examDate field is today, after it syncs the same field on the host version is yesterdays date. And yet subsequent sync says they are sync and no changes yet they are out of sync.

I have fields set with auto enter and they are using $vars set in scripts is there some chance there is a name space issue or some problem with JDBC that does not respect auto enter $vars?





And now all my records that were synced are now off by a day it modified the records in the hosted version 


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What i did to setup MS3, I have 3 sync configs and 3 different files. I upgraded MS3 on the server and started from scratch with the configuration good thing i took screenshots as MS3 doesn't upgrade or import old settings.

I deleted the scripts / layouts etc as instructed by MS setup, reset things up and first attempted was to use the new JDBC - did everything but didn't realize that the JDBC does not use the Customization script where I had some record restrictions - (date based) it was trying to sync 15k records. I managed to reduce the find request to a boolean flag in the database and then used the MS config to setup a SQL selection to only find records that were flagged for syncing. That part did the trick to reduce the records to sync. 

After initial sync while on JDBC I created a record in a table on the iPad it had the current date. Then I performed a sync when I looked at the hosted version form the desktop the date was one day behind, it was record attribute a date field not a timestamp field used for creation/modifications.

After a few more record creations and test syncs from two different iPads (30 miles apart) we were both noticing that the date was off on the hosted version and yet the sync said the records were in sync. And then a few syncs later the record count in the table was much less as the sync reset the dates to over a dozen records to one date back even though we were not actively editing those records. 

After I restored the records from a  backup, i switched the config from JDBC back to XML  and made sure the custom script was set to provide the same data restriction - records were not changing the date field.

I noticed this behavior in two of the three databases when set as JDBC config. 

Just speculation the only thing i can think is that the field in question had auto enter on create turned on and it has a $date variable as the data to input which is set when the script is fired, to create the record. Is there perhaps something where in one of the main sync script a variable of the same name is being set when records are being updated, or created on the host?




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This topic is 2806 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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