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Button Bar w/popover and Hide

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This breaks in 14.0v6 OS 10.11.5 but works when I open it in 15.  So this is just a 'heads up' for folks still in version 14 who might use button bars with Hide and popovers.

I have a two-button button bar where one button will hide depending upon Type.  I provide a 'X close' on the popover for User convenience but when the User switches records, the cursor remains on the button so it does NOT hide and displays both buttons.  It only does this if I use a 'X close' popover.  

I believe my only option is, if I plan to hide a button on a button bar AND provide a 'X close popover' then I will need to script closing the popover so I can include another action such as a 'Commit Record/Request' step or 'Go To Next Field' after I close the popover.

I would also be curious if others have noticed this behavior and how they deal with it.  Or maybe it doesn't do this on Windows; who knows?


Button Bar Hide.mp4

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I do not see a difference in how the buttons  works on the two versions. It is however only showing the same result of Commercial Specifications even though one button shows Industrial Specifications and the other shows Commercial Specifications? 

I’ve never described both buttons as Specification?

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Thanks for the input, Lee.  Then you might be getting different results because you are on Yosemite?   The button bar segment doesn't hide on record load if it's the active object.  So, since the button bar button is still selected after the popover closes, going to the next record leaves the cursor on that button so it can't hide.  Poor thing.  :wink3:

Naming both buttons is fine since one hides (it acts like a toggle between two choices) and it provides a single 'information' button depending upon Type.  It works for me also when using version 15 - switching records always displays only one button as it should - the one matching the Type.  It is a quirk in behavior that seems fixed in 15 but many clients are still developing and using 14.  

It breaks as I have shown for another Developer also, who uses Windows with version 14.  Thanks again for testing on Yosemite!

Lee, instead of closing the popover via the 'X Close' on the popover, just click outside the popover to close it.  That shows the behavior you SHOULD be getting.  I showed both methods in the video but I didn't explain it very well.  When it works right, popping open Specifications changes according to the Type field.

Actually, just don't click the 'X close'.  After you pop open Specifications, just switch records using the record indicator.  You don't get two buttons displayed.

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Added bold to help pinpoint probable theory as to why.
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This topic is 2796 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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