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David Jondreau

Two SC servers, one database

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I've got a couple SC licenses running on different servers. I've got one database and I want to store files on both servers. (why? well, I'm migrating from one server to another, but it's go to be done over a couple months due to bandwidth limitations).

I'm storing each image's filepath as a record in a standalone table. That full filepath will be different depending on the host for that file. When calling any of the plugin functions by script, I believe got to also call SCSetBaseURL, right? That base host is either taken from the record (if downloading) or given based on business logic (if uploading).
I want a calculated FM Container field using SCGetContainer(). I think I have to call SCSetBaseURL() in the calculation field as well. I've never used SCSetBaseURL() in a field definition, so I'm a little wary. I've tested it and it works. There's a slight performance hit.

Is calling SCSetBaseURL() every time I call a SC plugin the best way to do what I'm trying to do? Is there a way to use a full filepath to SC rather than a local filepath for these plugin functions?

Thanks and I love the product!

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You only need to call SCSetBaseURL when you want to change which SuperContainer you want to download/upload to. So if you call SCSetBaseURL("http://MySCServer.com/SuperContainer/Files") all subsequent calls to the companion plugin will be in reference to that base URL. You will not need to call SCSetBaseURL again unless you want to upload/download to a different instance of SuperContainer.

Hope that helps!


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Thanks for the reply.

What is the downside to calling SCSetBaseURL()? Is there any way to determine what the current base URL is? (I'm aware I could capture it in a $$var, sure.) And would that method have fewer downsides that just calling SCSet?

Is there a way to use a fully path, rather than calling SCSet?

I am referencing files using as records in a table. Each record may have a different host. Therefore, when I want to reference a file, I have to know the existing base path to compare. Or just change it on the fly.





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