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Suppressing iPad 'Actions' for images

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I've made an iPad solution for quizzing myself on backgammon positions There's a Container Field that displays a game problem.  When you tap on the image, a text field with commentary and a second image showing the proper play appears below the image. I've done this by grouping the text (it's merge field text) with the image as a single Object, which is set to "Hide When" a simple toggle field has a value of 1.  (When a record is loaded, the toggle is set to 0 -- tapping the image resets that field to 1).

This all works fine. My problem, though, is the behavior of the native iPad 'Actions' where if you tap the solution image I mentioned, you get the standard options:  <-- View -->, Replace, Export, Delete.   it would actually be nice to allow 'Enlarging' the solution image -- but when I tap that option, I get a twirling gray circle of death -- the record freezes and I have to restart my iPad to get back into Filemaker Go.

On the main image, since I have a button assigned to it, I don't get the Actions menu, so  guess you can suppress that, maybe in various ways.  Is there a resource that explains various options for managing this 'Actions' behavior?  I'd like to be able to  use that enlarge feature . . .but  if I can't do that, I'd like to just disable the option so I don't inadvertently cause this 'freeze.'





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