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360 Works E-Mail Plugin - two issues

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I am excited about the possibilities that your e-mail plugin may offer both myself and several of my clients. I have my own copy and one client has purchased the server version because of my recommendation. I have other clients that will likely buy this if all works as promised.

When testing the single-user version of the plugin I am unfortunately having some big issues.

1-FM Freezes
Today when doing a test of sending an e-mail FileMaker froze up. Immediately upon hitting the send button I got the spinning beachball. The e-mail was in fact properly delivered, but I had to force-quit FM and relaunch. 

2-Inconsistent reception of attachments
I find that attachments and multi-attachments work....sometimes. But about 1/3 of the time in my tests files weren't received only an empty link. 

As you can understand...these are both big issues for deployment.

MacBookPro 2016 w/ 10.12.3.   FileMaker Pro Adv   I am running no anti-virus. I've recently repaired permissions w/Disk Utility. (No errors reported)
I have tested with your provided files and with them ported into my solution. I've seen the behavior in both contexts. 

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Hi FoggyMt,

For the first problem, try turning off the progress bars. You can do this by setting the parameter "progress=false" in the EmailSend function call. 

For the second problem, are you sending to the same account or are you sending this to multiple different recipients? If multiple, are they on the same domain? I have attached a simple test file that will test sending multiple attachments. Try sending attachments with it and see if you get the same results.



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It's the reception of multiple-emails that is the central issue for us.

Project was sidetracked for awhile but is now fast-tracked. I'll do more testing this weekend. Receiving e-mail attachments was working but not consistently.

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