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In my Production Order database - my main table is (PRODUCTION ORDER) - under it I have a table (COPY) with child table (AUDIO) that I use to store audio files for each piece of copy.  I'm set when the order only has 1 copy record and 1 attachment record in audio. I've set up a script to send an email with the copy along with the audio file without an issue.  However,  I can't figure out how to send multiple child attachments in an email.    Since the list function works with text - the copy part is  covered, it's the actual container attachments I can't figure out. 

Thanks for the suggestions. 

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Hi Frankb3,

Without being able to see your solution, it sounds like you could call the Go to Related Record script step and make sure that you mark the option for "match the current record". That should give you a found set of all the AUDIO records for a specific COPY record. Once you have that found set, you can create a loop that iterates through the records and calls EmailAttachFile(AUDIO::FILE) for each record. An alternative approach would be to do a Find in the AUDIO table for that specific COPY record's primary key. That should result in the same found set as the Go to Related Record script step.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you.  My COPY table only has 1 associated AUDIO file - however I may have more than one copy records (with copy text each) to email.   Would the loop end up sending more than 1 email?  How would I do this within 1 single email.  Here's how I have that part of the script setup currently:


and If(IHR_Audio::Audio_File ≠ "";EmailAttachFile(IHR_Audio::Audio_File);"") and  EmailSend

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