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Hide tab when get account = username

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wattmhite    2

I'm trying to hide a tab from all but the following users, Matt, Haley and Kristen.

I'm trying to use the hide object when- (Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "matt") or (Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "haley") or (Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "kristen")

but its not showing even to me at the moment. Any idea what I am doing wrong or a better way to go about this?




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comment    1,382
Posted (edited)

Your expression is a tautology, because if the current user is Matt, then it isn't Haley - so at least one of the OR'ed statements will always be true. Try instead:

Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "matt"
Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "haley"
Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "kristen"

or (same thing):

not (
Get ( AccountName ) = "matt"
Get ( AccountName ) = "haley"
Get ( AccountName ) = "kristen"

or shortly:

IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Get ( AccountName ) ; "matt¶haley¶kristen" ) )



Of course, a better solution would be to assign Matt, Haley and Kristen to a different privilege set, and base the test on that. Then you won't have to remember to modify your layout every time you make changes to the staff.



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doughemi    82


not(Get(AccountName) = "matt" or Get(AccountName) = "kristen" or Get(AccountName) = "haley")

Get(AccounName) ≠ "matt" is true whenever the account is anyone's but Matt's. Combined with the other statements, your calculation is always true; therefore you always hide the tab.

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