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Aussie John

Flagging records for later retrieval

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Aussie John    6

Hello all - I think this is more complex than it seems.

I have a table of rooms with variations criteria to describe it. Actually it is a lot of rooms (a university). I would like the user to be able to save a suite of rooms ideally with a flag field so a further search is by the flag only. This found set would be a "project" where the data can be analysed. Where it is getting difficult is the ability to have multiple projects, each with a Name for reference and reporting. Ideally I would like a portal which shows the full list of projects projects - say up to 10 options and a check box which acts as the search flag. My thoughts are I need three tables - ROOM Table>>>{=room ID=}>>>Flag table (used for searches) and a Name table


For support I have added a file


flagged rooms.fmp12

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You need three tables if you want a proper many-to-many relationship between Projects and Rooms. But then the third table needs to be a join table between the other two:


If you just want a quick way to assign rooms to a project - with no ability to records anything about a specific assignment and limited reporting capabilities - you can settle for just two tables:


where Projects::RoomIDs would be a checkbox using values from Rooms:RooomID. 


If you want to show the projects in a portal (why would you?), that would be a separate issue that has nothing to do with the above.




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