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Ocean West

switching from XML to JDBC

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when making this switch is it best practice to ensure all users are synced then make the change then force everyone to update? Or can i make the change and do the vRev update when ever they perform a sync.

once its on JDBC will it ignore the customization constrain find in the script for the SQL on the config?

Just trying to find a clean way to cut over with out coordinating down time.


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Hey Ocean,

  To be safe, you may want to go with option #1 and make sure every device has finished syncing before making the switch, and then have the client devices update. If you managed to filter the exact same data (fields, tables) using SQL statements in JDBC as you were using scripts in XML, you would in theory not even have to worry about updating the client devices (as the XML/JDBC activity is all occurring between MirrorSync and the server). However, I asked a few of our resident MirrorSync experts and they stress that in the event the filtration is even slightly different than it used to be, it may cause some data loss or other exceptions to occur.

  Once it's set to use JDBC, MirrorSync should ignore the custom script you made for XML.

  It may be worth mentioning that with filtration, JDBC tends to get slower at a faster rate than XML does. If you're filtering through more than a couple SQL joins, there's a chance you may be better off with XML. Please feel free to email or call us with any further questions.

Best of luck with your project,

Junior Perez

770.234.9293, support@360works.com



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