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Download new build without Sync

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While testing various builds I will download a version do the initial sync and then do testing but never sync back the data.

Currently my workflow for this is, to quit the solution, go to my Notes app on the device, and click a link to go to safari to download the build again.

I would like to have some means to pass a parameter to the MS script bypass the sync operation and just like when it detects a new version prompt to download a new build, but in this case just ignore the version and get a new clean build, using the same architecture all from with FMGo using the MirrorSyncUpdater file. 

I would burry that button on a developer layout or other means to prevent it from being used in standard operation.


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I haven't actually tested this, but it seems like this could be accomplished with these steps:

* Change the DatabaseVersion field from a calculation to an auto-entered calculation

* For your developer script in the offline file, change the database version to '0' and then run the script. '0' will be different than whatever version is on the server, so it will trigger the update to run.

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Hmm was thinking that wouldn't bypass the sync? After initial sync perhaps a few hours goes by and I am tapping buttons adding data testing the flow of info. Intent is to do just the update part without sync.

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OK, I see what you're saying. To do what you want, the best thing is going to just simply be copying and pasting that section of the MirrorSync script into a separate script that you run manually.

You'll find this towards the end in the sync finished section of the script. 

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