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FileMaker Server 16 fails to load plugin

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fukky    0

I am using FileMaker Pro 16 on Windows.

FileMaker Server 16 failed to read the plugin and it can not be used.
Even if you check it effectively from the Admin Console, it will not be available with the same error after a lapse of time.
What should I do?

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Hey there,

  Would you mind sending an email to support@360works.com with a description of your problem? Or feel free to give us a call and we can do a screen-share. In my experience, there's a checklist of factors we can go through to discern why the plugin isn't working. Once you email us it initiates a support ticket from which one of us support members can start asking questions to narrow down what's going on.

  A good place to start is always with your logs. When you send that email, do you mind attaching your logs? I'll include a link with instructions on how to do that below. And please be sure that the error has been captured before any FMServer restarts as I believe they clear out the logs.


We'll be in touch,

Junior Perez

Support Specialist @360Works, 770.234.9293

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