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I am using 360works plugins in server side scripts.  Also they are used by WebDirect.

On my server, the plugins have created a log folder along with two log files (360Plugins_Server.log and 360Plugins_Web64.log)


The Server log has grown substantially and is now about 300Mb (I have seen it get to 600MB)

I am trying to rename the log files to off load them.  Smaller files are easier to open and move around.

When I try to rename or move them I get an error saying the file is open in Java.

I have tried restarting the scripting engine, and also unchecking the enable button for the plugin in the Admin Console, but still get the same error.


How can i remove, or rename the log file with minimal interruption to my users?





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Hi Jerry,

Unfortunately Windows locks any files that are in use from being modified or moved. You wont be able to move those logs unless the FMSE is stopped. The logging in the newest versions of the plugins is very verbose for troubleshooting reasons. This tends to cause the logs to grow quickly if you are calling plugin functions frequently server side. We are testing the next iteration of our plugins now and the logging will be turned down so it will become a non issue. Of note, restarting the FMSE should overwrite the logs.

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