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Data Mining in a found set

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I have a database that consists of a table of people and associated information and a table of measured results for various metrics. The tables are linked by the person's name  I have a tab layout that shows the individual people and also a tab that shows all the measured results for that individual in a portal  I want to  go from the measured results tab to a find layout where I can do mulitple finds on the original found set  for that individual and produce graphs of the measured results. At the moment when ever I move to a find layout the measured results table re-sets itself. How do I keep the found set ?

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Hi Grim,

I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly, however sometimes when you think you need a  find, what you really need is a Relationship and Portal. 

I sent you a Private Message with some helpful information.


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One thing you can try: when you're on the found set, choose Window > New Window, then when you're in Find mode, rather than Perform Find, choose Requests >  Constrain Found Set. Close that window when you're done, and you'll be back at your starting window with your original found set. Repeat as needed.

There are other ways that may be more efficient if you're going to script this. The info above would be for doing it without a script.

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