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FMXDCB error

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I have an existing Mirror Synch installation. I have recently changed the IP address and needed to update the configuration. Now I get an error stating that fmxdbc extended privileges are not enabled for the account. I have checked and double-checked and it is enabled. What might be going on?

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There are a few different things to check when JDBC queries aren't hitting the database from MirrorSync. Aside from making sure the privileges are enabled on the database and that the drivers are enabled on FileMaker Server, can you make sure port 2399 is open on the server network? That's the JDBC port which is never open by default.

Let me know if that helps and we can troubleshoot from there. If you're still having troubles, I may ask you to submit your logs to us so we can get a better look.

Junior Perez, 360Works Support

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