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Filter a Portal with a Calculation Field

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I’m trying to setup a portal that filters records with a calculation field.

I have a set of Disk table records that have the fields Disks::Title and Disks::FirstLetter = Left(Title,1).

The user selects a letter from a value list attached to a global field gFirstLetter. A dropdown displays values A through Z.

The portal TO, FilterDisks, is a self join, using the “x” operator. It uses the filter criteria FilterDISKS::FirstLetter=FilterDISKS::gFirstLetter.
When a value (A to Z) is selected by the user I expect the portal to display only records beginning with that letter.
However, it does not display the records properly. Sometimes, but nor always, by clicking outside gets it to work.

I guess my question is: can portals be filtered with a calculation field?


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