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Carey Archer

Server to Server sync speed

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Greetings,  we just successfully implemented a server to server sync for a 100+ user solution.  Overall the results were fantastic.  The key issue is that when large updates are made on the hub server to 1000+ records, the sync can take over 1 hour to update all of the records in the spoke server.  (We're talking a table with 30+ fields).  On the contrary, when the same exact updates are made to 1000 records on the spoke server, the sync completes in a matter of seconds.  

We are having a hard time understanding why the changes that happen on the spoke sync so much faster.  Any insight without having to dig into server / network configurations?

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Hey Carey,

We are familiar with the issue you’re experiencing. Jesse Barnum, our head MirrorSync developer, made a FMForum post on just this topic that details what’s going on tech-wise when syncing in that direction: https://community.filemaker.com/ideas/2936

Feel free to up-vote this topic in the interest of increasing its visibility.


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