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custom web publishing


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is there a way to set up a link (url) into a database from my domain? or a website? or my own "index.html"?

(i'm saying those three things all trying to express a singular thought.)

i tried to change the port to 80 (but then i realized that i was linking to a file like any other and not using FMP's (5.5 OS X) server... and i tried copying the url from the browser when i was using the web companion... i combined all that but couldn't get it working.

is it possible? what are the steps?

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how about this:

i have a file -one file. i know how to serve it with Instant Web Publishing using Web Companion and the default FMP "intro" page, with the file name on it as a link.

i know how to make web pages and serve them.

right now i'm serving my file with Instant Web Publishing and Web Companion, as I stated.

What is my file's url (is like any other file path, i.e., i simply link to it from a web page?)?

What do I need to turn off -if anything, i.e., Web Companion?

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The URL will be: http://domainOrIP:portIfOtherThan80/directoryIfExistInWebFolder

That is all. That will call the page you specified in WebCompanion as default.

E.g. http://my.server.domain.com:591/news will call page DEFAULT.HTM in folder FileMaker/Web/news if DEFAULT.HTM is set in Custom web publishing through port 591 on server my.server in domain.com.

There are 100 more other possibilities e.g.

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This topic is 8233 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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