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MirrorSyncDeploy - A Mobile Deployment Technique

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When ever we have to deploy new links to users it's a bit of a process - you have ensure they have deleted old links from email or shared notes.

In addition it always felt much slower to download the files via the Safari on iOS which has to toggle between FMGo and Safari.

However once installed and you pushed out changes with the MS 5 version update feature, is very smooth.

So I managed capture that file from my iPhone and modify it a bit, I am calling it MirrorSyncDeploy

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 12.04.02 PM.png

Once you download the file and host it on your own server, then from the desktop add a record for each unique file, that you deploy - Then just have users log in to the hosted file and select the file you wish to deploy (add your own business rules here ). Keep in mind if you run this and they have an existing file with the same name and they have not performed a sync it will OVERWRITE their existing file loosing data.

The trick here is to modify the link that MS generates, for some reason the native link will not download via Insert URL command, so when you paste your link in it will do a simple substitute.


So I modified it to a url that seems to work by removing the client-side or server-side and append ?status=0 


The end result for the user is a pretty seamless and they don't need to leave FMGo. And the file opens directly and starts initial sync.

Please feel free to give this a go and will appreciate any feedback.


Admin Credentials:  Admin / blank

User Credentials: sync / sync


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Hey Stephen, that's great! I could see this being particularly useful for people with multi-file solutions, which are a pain in the butt to download.

The reason the ?status=0 is necessary is because by default we want to show some HTML in the browser with the progress of the upload operation. Since you're inserting directly into a container field, you just want the actual file, not the status of the upload.

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