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Hi guys,

Hopping someone can tell me what i am doing wrong; 

All i want is a message if "Start Field" is greater than "end Field" and vice versa 

Attempt 1

Validate field during data entry

WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd

Display message if condition are not met

Conditional format to change color to red

Issue: validation not work but conditional format is (using the same formula for both format and validation

Attempt 2


if [WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesStart > WTS v2.0::DeliveryMilesEnd]

Show customer dialog [message]

clear [select entire contents \ target field: DeliveryMilesStart)

go to field [DeliveryMilesStart

issue it work clearing the content of the field but it does not go back to the correct field but it jumps to the end field

Attemp 2 i have tried using both on exit and validation trigger.


Any help is greatly appreciated



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If you're happy with the built-in validation error message, then validate one of the fields by calculation, and make sure to uncheck this option:



If you prefer to use a script trigger upon exiting the field, make sure the script returns a false result when the validation fails; otherwise the triggering event will be executed after the script has run.



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I have another question along the same validation lines.

i have a field: kDocumentNumber - "Unique value" is checked

and i have the field on the layout is set to trigger on exit i cant get the window to show with either script.




I cant get it to show the new window with either script.

The idea is if there value exist it will show a custom window


Thanks for your 


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9 minutes ago, JMart said:

I have another question along the same validation lines.

I don't see how this is related to the original question. I suggest you start a new thread - and make sure we can see what you're doing before you capture the error.

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