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Complete Newbie - Tutorials/Phone Number Fomatting ?

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Hi Guys,

Disclaimer: I'm not a Guru, never used a database before, let alone build one . . . but the time is right to start looking into how I can help my company's productivity improve, into the future. FMPA was recommended . .  so here I am - up for a challenge!

So I'm starting from absolute Zero . . and builing my first "Contacts" database from scratch, mainly to get a feel for FMPA18.


  1. Where do I start with Tutorials?
    • Whats out there?
    • Suggestions what to try first?
  2. I have a table and several fields, some of which are email & phone numbers, but the phone numbers aren't formatted correctly (ie: 1234567890 and not (123) 456-7890). How do I format a string of 10 numbers to auto format into the correct method for a US phone number?


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