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Connecting to InfluxDB & Grafana

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Good evening.

I am using the API capabilities of Filemaker & BaseElements to extract, manipulate and collate data from a number of sources - that is all working just fine.
What I would like to do is then have Grafana (running on a Raspberry Pi) to display the figures on a large television monitor setup as a dashboard.

Grafana uses InfluxDB by default which is a database product as well - not dissimilar to SQL apparently.

I am wondering if anybody else has connected Filemaker (push or pull) to Grafana or InfluxDB and what they experienced.  I was hoping to have data updated daily.

My first attempt had Filemaker exporting data to CSV file, it was then sent to an FTP server that was also accessible by Grafana. It may be best to use the KISS principle here, but I thought I could try and access it directly (FM to InfluxDB).  Also, I know it's possible (I've not done it myself yet) to connect to an ODBC source with Filemaker Pro products, but can it be done from Cloud as well?

So many questions. :)  Just thought I'd get some feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm liking this idea!!

InfluxDB has a great REST API so you can look into that one.  FM is very good at working with these kinds of APIs so sending data from FM to influxDB could be done this way without involving exports and FTPs, or considering ODBC.

No moving pieces or drivers, just the two systems talking to each other directly.




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Hi Wim,

Many thanks for your response. 

I will work through this API documentation. I was also interested in the opinions about the method as well if anybody else had done something similar.

Cheers Wim. 🙂


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