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Dynamic Questionaire /Survey

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Hi I'm new to FM and looking for an existing FM questionnaire that I can use and custom if possible.  Otherwise advice or how to go about creating one from scratch.

Essentially I only wish to display  the current question and then based on the answer I need to display the relevant next question based on the answer. I'd dynamic. 

Anyone have any advice please. 

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forums James,

the hardest thing with surveys is getting table structure right so that you can record data and report on data in a meaning full way.

These things can be tricky because how you store data may not lend it self to be easily quantified, weighed, aggregated. 

each question could have know types of answers here are a few

  • Text ( essay )
  • Boolean
  • Number
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Time
  • Likert Scale
  • Multiple choice selection (text or number) from a known list based on question
  • Text pick from list from a known list based on question

in the past storing data in tables is easy but with JSON as an option to store a users session per survey is a option to report on captured data can be tricky if it is not intended to be aggregated with other survey takers a process could pivot the JSON data into normal form in a utility structure just to facilitate the reporting of the data. 

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30 minutes ago, James Siedle said:

based on the answer I need to display the relevant next question

You need to store somewhere a "map" of which question is the "relevant next question" for each possible answer.

If all questions are multiple choice, and the possible answers are records in a related table, then each possible answer could hold the ID of the appropriate question to follow, and you could use the Go to Related Record script step to navigate to it.

Otherwise it can get much more complicated, and I think we would need much more details about your questionnaire's structure.


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and then you have to consider branching.

if you answer question 12 with some answer could be boolean could be a some other value based on a value list it would require you to answer a series of other questions. 

@comment i like that term "map" really defines that you need relevant direction in the decision tree. 

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