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Upgrade from FM15 Server to FM18 Server

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I have MirrorSync 5 running on a FM15 server. I'd like to upgrade to MirrorSync 6 on FM18 server

I have about 15 syncing clients who are geographically-disparate and in different time zones.

Is there any way I can migrate the server and let the users keep syncing through the process?

Or do I need to coordinate the users to make a final sync on 15 server, then download a new version from 18 server?





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Updating to MirrorSync 6 will prevent existing spoke files from syncing until you go back through the configuration and make it MS 6 compatible. Once you have gone back through the config, existing spokes will be able to sync again. I think the best order of operations would be:

1.Have all users sync

2. Update FMS to 18

3. Update MS to 6 -> edit config

4. If any spokes have un-synced changes at this point, have them sync again

5. Redistribute new spoke files

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