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Looking for developer to check my file and deploy it

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I have been using FMP for many years, since the version 12 and I created a database which works well for my needs, recipe management, I am a Pastry chef. I would like to have my database checked and to add few functions as well and to find a way to deploy it in order to sell the solution to others.

Thank you very much.

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I am sure someone will gladly offer to review your file i've review many myself to aid reaching goals - do recommend getting NDA between you and anyone you engage in this endeavor.

If the file is HOSTED that is possibly the most secure way to allow temporary access to review the file. Vs sending the file to someone to review.

As a precursor you could save a copy of the Database Design Report zipped. exchange that most developers would analyze it with tools like FMPerception to find missing broken or performant issues.

Esthetics is in the eye of the beholder. Function / Features / Form as you know play a part to a solution's marketability. 

If your end goal is to sell it there are several ways to consider. You could become an SBA with Claris and sell copies along with licenses and then host the solution on your server and it would be a vertical market software as service. Or go traditional and sell the solution and and sell end user licenses. Really depends on the end users if its a single individual the SBA single seat FileMaker license or FMGo access to your server may be more affordable where a single copy of FileMaker at $540

In the past FileMaker had Runtime engine but that is deprecated for the past 5 years and has been removed from the product platform in version 19. 

Hope this helps

Welcome to the forums!

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If you're interested in iOS deployment, this could be a good option:


This is a reputable vendor (I am not affiliated) that's been in the FileMaker community for many years.

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