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Problems Writing Tables in Scribe Help Needed Please

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I need Help writing to Word Doc with Scribe

1) I am getting a gap between the heading and the start of the list I have tried to research on the Interweb with no joy.

I have attached a screen shot with my created Word Document but as you can see I am getting a gap with a single table??? and I have put in the script for what I have done as a noobie to scribe I know that I am missing something.

2) How can I put a forward Slash in between the two words

3) How can I remove the 2nd Word if its the same as the first.

I hope somebody could give me light as this is been puzzling me for the last 10days

Thank you



Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 15.37.41.png

Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 15.57.21.png

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1. Im not sure why you are getting those cells. I suspect it may have to with the fact that writing to non-existent table cells will create new rows/columns as needed. Perhaps the calculation that you have for the cell address is returning unexpected results. 

2. Scribe cannot modify pre-existing text in a field. It will overwrite whatever is there so if you want a slash in between those two words you would need to pass that literal string in as the "value" parameter in ScribeDocWriteValue

3. Same deal as number 2, Scribe will overwrite whatever is in that cell with whatever value you put in for the "value" parameter in the ScribeDocWriteValue function call so you would need to pass in "NADIS" into the function call.

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Hello Ryan

I am not sure why but I just removed  & Get(RecordNumber) from the script now I am getting the following.



but when I remove that its not showing the other two its retrieving the last entry any ideas on this.

Thank You


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