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Container fields and PDFs

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Hello all! This is my first post on any forum ever. I've scoured the internet to find a solution to this persistent problem I'm having and all of my research has led me here. I hope someone out there can help me solve this problem once and for all: 

My FM Solution involves a database for housing contracts for a warranty company. When you sign your contract, that paper copy gets uploaded into the database, and ideally, that file will be going into a container field. I have the container field on my layout and scripted a "browse" button that opens the various folder for your file then (it's supposed to) upload into the container field. For some reason I can't get this process to work. I've been playing with various settings and I've received results from a blank container, an icon for my file, and a fixed image of page 1 of the file. I'm wanting to have the container interactive (as I've recently learned) so you can scroll through the document from the record. When the container is blank, you can right click inside of it and it gives you the option to clear contents, so that makes me thing that the file did upload but it isn't visible. If someone could help me figure out why this isn't working I would really appreciate it. 

Currently, I have interactive container setting in the inspector tab turned on. I have a container field (just your basic field, nothing special). Also please note: I have attempted to drag and drop the files in, use my browse button I made, right clicking and "upload pdf", and click in field>insert tab> insert pdf. I have already updated to the newest version of Acrobat as well. 

And as a follow up question - Another concept I can't completely wrap my head around is the file itself. If I want to store a reference to it then does that mean the file must always exist on my computer? I have a server set up with a SSL Certificate as well. I'm wanting to be able to save a file within filemaker but also not have to worry about the file if my computer crashes. So if anyone has info on that I would appreciate it too. 

I know this is a huge question for my first post, but hours and hours of research is coming up empty. You all are my last hope. 

Thanks a million! 



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Welcome to the forums, firstly I would avoid relying on Storing as a Reference as this feature is on the deprecation lists of features and in a future version no longer be available.

this technique may help https://www.teamdf.com/blogs/change-containers-from-files-to-interactive-content-in-an-instant/

I would recommend storing pdfs as external storage on the server vs in the database to so the files doesn't become too large, and backups can perform more efficiently

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3 hours ago, Get (Brett) said:

If someone could help me figure out why this isn't working

Without seeing your script? I don't think so.


3 hours ago, Get (Brett) said:

If I want to store a reference to it then does that mean the file must always exist on my computer?

Yes. A reference means a link to a file stored on your computer. IOW, only the path to the file is stored in the field. If you delete or move the file, the link will be broken.


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