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VendorMod 3190 error?

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I have a script that updates a Vendor record in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions: Contractor 20.0.  When I developed the script I believe that they were on version 19.    I was doing some work on this yesterday and noticed that the update is now getting a 3190 Error.  Meaning: Cannot clear required Element  Explanation: Cannot clear the element in the fieldName field.

The script either re-writes the current value or updates the value in the VendorMod::Name field.   This was working.  The script step is PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "Name" ; Vendor::VendorName ).

Should I be able to update this field?

This is not a show stopper.  We can edit the field if required in QuickBooks and update everything else via script.


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Hello Bruce,

If you are trying to update the vendor's name, you should try updating the FirstName and LastName fields instead of setting the Name field. Name field changes likely will affect the way things connect via fully qualified FullName. 

Hope this helps!


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Hey Bruce–

You can update the "Name" value for a Vendor record, but cannot set it to empty (clear it) because it's effectively the Vendor record's primary key in QB. For the same reason, you cannot update it to a value that's already in use by another Vendor record.

The error message you cite implies that this record's Vendor::VendorName field was empty at the time you created the VendorModRq.


Geoffrey Gerhard
Creative Solutions Incorporated
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Matthews, NC 28105

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