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Self import doesn't work in hosted file

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I have a file with 2 tables: updates on table A are imported into table B using the update matching records option based on a common id.

I made the script and tested it without problem. Then I uploaded the file and scheduled the script to every x minutes. The script executes with full privileges.

The scheduled execution seems to skip the import update, so table B never gets updated.

The most surprising is that the script works as expected when executed manually but it doesn't do the import update in scheduled execution. I can't see any error code.

Is this normal?

I'm using FMS

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Although I haven't read it in any documentation, it seems that FileMaker Server cannot handle self imports, so I had to export and import to and from a temporary file.

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It is very odd indeed that FM doesn’t support it’s own FM format for export.

You can just do an excel/xml export to al local server (eg. Documents) folder and then import that file. It is quite speedy. Or a create loop, that will work quite nicely if you need container data  


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21 minutes ago, Joost Miltenburg said:

It is very odd indeed that FM doesn’t support it’s own import in FM format.

Actually, it does. You can import a file in any supported format, as long as it is in one of the folders that server-side scripts can access. However, you cannot export to FMP12 format.

I wouldn't use Excel as an interim format. It will probably not be problematic in this case, but too often it results in data type being misinterpreted. And it's an overkill; a plain-text format will suffice (my own preference would be XML).


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I didn't mean import into another file but import between tables in the same file, so shortening the "export/import" process.

Export to temporary folder and importing afterwards is fine, at least in csv format.

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