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Running search / filter based on drop down field

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I have a database that I want to manage training events.

I want the user to be able to easily sort / filter / search, with one click and only display the records below of the related entry in the drop down.

See attached Pic, the Training Event field sat the top pulls the events from another field

The 'Venue' field in the list pulls the same the data from the same field. (But they are different fields in this database)

So if I select '11/10/2020 - Webinar' at the top, I want it to only display the entries below where the Venue matches.

Is this possible?



Screenshot 2020-09-12 at 09.40.40.png

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My initial testing reveals I can't have the field in the same table as it links to each record and thats not what i want.

I basically want a simple lookup button from the Type field to filter by this I think.

Unless anyone had any other smarter way of doing it?

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Have the drop down be a global field based on a value list of Venues.  Use an OnObjectModify script trigger for a script to grab that value, put it into a variable, Enter Find Mode, put the variable in the Venue field, and perform a find.  You can also sort in the script.

You may want to add a 'See All' button with a script to show all records, sort...if needed.

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That UI will not work out well when the Venue list becomes long.

You can use the global field directly in a Find, no need to set a var. Also, OnObjectSave would be a better choice for this trigger than OnObjectModify, since it is a post-event trigger that will allow you to Exit False and keep the user in the field.

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