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Can anyone point me to resources or methods for annotating PDFs in FileMaker go on the iPad?

Go Draw does not support PDFs. I’d like to draw on a pdf and then save it in a container. I assume I have to do this outside fm go and then bring it back into the container. 

What technique requires the fewest steps?

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    • By pvonk
      I defined a calendar in a test solution on my Mac.  Looks great.  On the iPad Pro, the calendar does appear in the layout, but tapping on an event (that was defined as editable when I created an event on the Mac) does nothing.  Am. I missing something?
    • By whardy
      [Cross Post - I posted this as Claris Community, but didn't get any bites after 24 hours]
      I am trying to scroll to the active record in List view.
      It works perfectly in Pro (19).
      I am running the script from Go (iPhone) using the FileMaker Network (lightning cable to my Mac)
      I cannot get it to work in Go. It goes to the right record and field because I can manually scroll to it, but the script won't do it.
      Here is the simple script:
      Go to Field [Select/Perform; Person::FirstName]
      Scroll Window [To Selection]
      It doesn't budge in Go.
      I have used a dialog window/Data Viewer to confirm I'm actually in the right field and on the right record, but Go will not scroll to it.
      I have tried every imaginable combination of Pause/Refresh Window/Scroll Home/Scroll End, etc.
      Nothing in the docs indicate it should work differently between Pro/Go.
      Anyone have any ideas?
    • By Greg58
      I have a shopping list app for personal use.  On the MacBook it works fine.  I have a global search field which searches through the list of existing items.  I have a script trigger (On Object Modify) on the field which allows a 'type ahead' search when each letter is entered.  On the phone in FileMaker Go, the keyboard drops off the screen and then reappears when I type each letter.  Pretty disconcerting to use.  Is there anyway to stop this please??  I have attached the script I use for the type ahead.  Thanks.

    • By Answers
      We have a Filemaker Go on iPads and there is a layout with portal rows, when scrolling through it hesitates and you must wait to scroll down. We have offline files on the iPad, although it happens when we connect to the Filemaker server as well.
      Any suggestions?
      Thank you,
    • By Greg58
      Hi.  I am creating a small app for my iphone but for some reason the keyboard will not display.  I have to press on the symbol (3 lines and an arrow) to display it.  I have tried all the different combinations but without success.  Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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