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Fields with Auto Enter calculations and the checkbox to replace?

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What is the guidance on this...

I had the craziest week trying to get things to sync I would download a fresh build and had the checkbox not checked and the spoke database just would not ever update the value. I had to have the check box set on the hub before we distributed a spoke file in order for the sync to actually work and for us to interact with the record because the field was a way to 'lock' record until released.


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Could you please provide more information about the sync? What is the field definition for that field? Is the table containing that field configured to sync data in both directions or just one direction, and if the latter, which direction? Are you applying customization to filter what records sync? What is the "record lock" workflow you mention?

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sorry for the brevity. 

the field is either 1 or 0 depending on the status of a related record. (same table) and or a few other fields.  if the first record completes then the script sets the related from 0 to 1 so that record can be edited.

there is also an auto enter calc used when we generate the records usually at the beginning of the month. The past few days doing sync it would seem that server and remote file just could not get in sync because i had the check box disabled (to always evaluate) so when the sync happened the calc ran ignoring the value from the hub that said you are now 1 - it defaulted back to 0.  In the schema I checked the box under the auto enter calc and now it seems to properly sync.

It just baffled me. 

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By "if the first record completes, then the script sets the related from 0 to 1", do you mean you have a subscript call configured in the customization section of the MirrorSync script? or are you saying that as the MirrorSync script executes, changes made by the sync adjusts those auto-enter values?

It sounds like the cause of the record state discrepancy is variability in the records' states during the sync. Since the auto-enter is allowed to trigger whenever a related record's field changes, and the value is dependent upon another record's status, the order the records sync could affect the record states.

Also, Auto-Enter calculations are one of the last fields MirrorSync writes to when inserting/updating a record, so if the auto-enter field is included in the sync, and the calc result is different from the value MirrorSync picked up from the spoke, MirrorSync will end up overwriting the calculation result with the value from the spoke file.

Is that field used for customization? Does it determine which records are included in the sync?

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no the field is not used in controlling MS it is user data if i logged in to the live version on fmgo i can see i can 'start an inspection' because the field is a 1

(with field schema auto enter calc and the check box un-checked) 

If i log in to a brand new fresh build and perform initial sync even though the server has that field set as 1 the auto entry option will reset it so when i go to the record on mobile the button is "complete previous inspection" because the value is 0 not 1.  

you are saying auto enter value fields are entered last, overwriting any values with that of the hub.

the PlanCycle and Exam are values must be touched after it writes the field "Mode" which is the calc below.



Side question how do i prevent MS from running when i download an archive or backup and open it locally it freaks me out every time think it may start pushing up old data to the live system....


(note i have it checked other wise it would have false data)

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.13.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.11.38 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.12.40 PM.png

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