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Dropdown list in a portal

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I have a STUDENTS (parent), and SPORTS (child) table.  The relationship id STUDENTS_ID in the STUDENTS table, to STUDENTS_FK in the SPORTS table.

I have a SPORTS portal in the STUDENTS table showing the sport name.  Can I make the sport field in the portal a dropdown list to select various sporta for various students??


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You should have three tables. 
students<- StudentSports-> sports 

The portal should be based on the join table, Studentsports.  Fields in the join table are studentid, sportid and ant other attributes of this combo. Level?  

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I don't detect any problem in your file. When you add tennis to both Greg and James, you will have two records in the Sports table with "Tennis" in the sport field: one with student_ID_FK = 1 (Greg) and the other with student_ID_FK = 2 (James). That is as it should be. Your Sport table is actually a join table between Student and a table where each sport would be a unique record - a table which you don't have and don't really need (unless you have something to record about each sport as such, other than its name).



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