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How can arrange printer setting for report ?


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Hi all,

As per mentioned on title ,I have two report in different layout in my database .I hope find script to solve my issue without change orientation every time manual. I have two type  setting to report print.
 - First report print need landscape.
 - second report print news portrait.


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Your script doesn't print.  

How do you determine which report is first or second.

-Get the right record.

-Print Setup //with correct parameters


-Go to other record

-Print Setup //change parameters


Something that may help as your solution grows, is you may want to make dedicated separate print scripts, one for each orientation, and one for current records, current found set, for each printer.  Because at some point, you're going to get a new printer, and then you'll have to hunt thru the entire solution looking for all your Print Setup and Print script steps to modify them.

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Thanks for reply but I will explain more my purpose cos your reply different what I need.

First report I will be landscape in visitor list layout:




Second report for Accident Layout:


Script :



I hope to be clear  now :)  


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I've found it generally useful to create a single-line script for each Print Setup that I might need -- landscape single, landscape all, portrait single, portrait all, etc. -- and then call those scripts as needed, such as within your If/Else steps. That way you only have to set them up once and never think about it again.

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This topic is 967 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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