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Easiest SMTP Server in 2020? Sendgrid / Google have hassles.


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I am a developer with a number of clients and I look after about 3 servers.  As part of this, I have used SendGrid as an easy, free SMTP sending server.  Has worked fine.  Here I am just talking about sending with Send Mail script step -nothing complex like the API.  I am thinking about sending both from scripts (so Send Mail script step) and server itself (FMS error messages etc).


SendGrid is now enforcing two factor authentication which is problematic as I have used a number of SendGrid accounts in different places.  


I have read one can use Google's with an app password but what I really want is something that has these characteristics:

- I can set it up myself without having to hassle my client for anything (like their Gmail credentials).

- Separate from my own Gmail.  I am not sending Spam (mostly things like order confirmations) but I wouldn't want these things on my main account.  

- Something where I can have multiple accounts if necessary.  


SendGrid used to deliver this but now it is all getting more complex than I think it should!  Anyway.  Anybody have any ideas about how best to do this in 2020 now that everything is getting more and more locked down.  THANKS.


- Chris

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even if you use 2fA you can use SendGrid via SMTP by using the username and password which is base64 encoded username: apikey and the key..


also you can also use HTTPPost to push to the api and not use SMTP relay, it could be faster less prone to rejection


although this was for a different service the concept is the same. 

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FYI, to anybody reading this, I did try the SendGrid instructions and they are fairly simple - Base64 Encoded "apikey" and then the API key but it just doesn't work so I gave up on SendGrid.  Bottom line is that SendGrid is VERY focussed on API implementations and just far more hassle than worth it.  

I was successful with gmail and creating an app password.  

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This topic is 953 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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