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CWP -> Recommended website hosting solution?


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I currently use FM CWP for my business/website. My current setup is:

- FM18 database w/ a FM hosting provider
Memory: 8GB
Disk space: 30GB

- Website w/ same FM hosting provider
Shared web hosting (they do not offer VPS)

By hosting my db and website with the same provider, I supposedly benefit from speed (same location), but I'm concerned that using shared web hosting runs the risk of site downtime. Over the next year, I expect my web traffic to grow significantly.

Would anyone recommend I change my web hosting to a VPS (virtual private server) with a different provider to reduce the risk of downtime? (I would not change my db host.)

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I'm not sure how you have done your setup, however I find it imperative for performance and SEO to prerender data from any database to HTML post edit.

For FileMaker I have written XSLTs that export data for each product and article post edit. That is I do an export of the record in question using FileMaker's export XML feature with a given stylesheet for the site in question. I use FileMaker's DocumentPath() for this and export to a folder name given by the project itself, and a filename that fits its purpose such as ~/Documents/webshop/product/123571262.fmpxmlresult.xml in which renders to  ~/Documents/webshop/product/123571262.html using ~/Documents/webshop/product.xslt

For searches I export the FileMaker data to both postgreSQL( Where as postgres will reply to such pages as the equivalent of: https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=ddr4 ) and elasticsearch( like the filter on the left hand side of the same page )

I run rsync every 1 minute from ~/Documents/webshop/product/*.html to webshop:www/product/ over ssh

Make sure you make a sitemap that points to all the .html files for optimum SEO. Such as pr example https://github.com/TyrfingMjolnir/fmpxmlresult2sitemap

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This topic is 946 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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