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Possible to not load media in web viewer ?

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Hi,  I m extracting data from web viewer  in filemaker,

It takes time to load media, so I wonder if it is possible tu load only text ? without media file (pic, gifs, video ..) 

any plugin are welcome 


thank you

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28 minutes ago, ibobo said:

I m extracting data from web viewer

Is there a reason you need to use a web viewer at all for this? Could you not load the page's HTML code into a field or a variable using the Insert From URL[] script step and parse out the data you need from there? I haven't actually tested this, but I believe it should accomplish your purpose.


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11 minutes ago, ibobo said:

there is always some dynamic part that won't show

No, not always - only on some sites. And it may not be a part you need. Also, there may be a way to get around that by using cURL - though not in version 15.

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