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FM V6 to FM 18 Script Help

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Original script in Filemaker Pro V6

Open [ Filename: "Items.PSS" ]

Perform Script [ Filename: "items.pss" (*), "Set "Subitems Open?" to Yes" ] [ Sub-scripts ]

Perform Script [ Filename: "ITEMS.PSS", "Startup from Cycle Items File" ] [ Sub-scripts ]

Script after conversion to Filemaker Pro V18

Open File [ “Items 2” ]
Perform Script [ “Set "Subitems Open?" to Yes” from file: “items 4” ]

Perform Script [ “Startup from Cycle Items File” from file: “ITEMS 5” ]

Select Window [ Name: "ITEMS" ]

I am new to Filemaker Pro versions after V6.  I have had a fair amount of experience with V6 but no expert.  I am in the process of updating a FM solution from V6 to V19.  I have converted the files from V6, to V11 then to V18. 


In the converted V18 script there are numbers after the file name "items" and that number is different each time the file name "items" appears in the scripts.  Can you explain what the number means and why it changes from 2, to 4 then to 5?

Also notice that the extension (.pss) does not appear in the V18 script.  Note that the solution was originally a runtime using extension .pss.  Solution is no longer a runtime.

Note that his FM solution contains 8 files running of FM server 5 and when the conversion is finished will run on Filemaker Pro server V19.  All of the files associated with the solution will reside on the server.

I would appreciate any advice.


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The issue here is the metadata that was in .fmp5 format vs fmp7 format, these issues would ideally needed to been corrected prior to upgrading the solution to the most current version


This tool was built back at that time to assist in cleaning up the files prior to conversion. 

There also is a command line tool that is use to do the conversion from fp7 to fmp12 it may be apart of the Claris FDS program.

I believe with the developer tools you may be able to rename all files which will correct the file references.


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