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Good evening.

I was wondering please if anybody knew of a product or method whereby I could store files in a structure that worked similarly to that of folders and sub-folders. At the end of every "branch" would be a container field that housed a file - such as a PDF. As the client would be adding, editing and deleting the folders, the levels within, and the files in there, it would need to be a tool that is easily manipulated.
I'm sure you know what I mean, but I have included a screen dump of an example folder structure to illustrate what I have in mind.  If there is an existing tool out there - terrific. If not, where does one start with Filemaker to create this please.

I have watched a couple of Richard Carlton's videos and the portal tree videos. Whilst the structure of a single menu "level" is explained, it doesn't cover multiple levels or fields within. I am thinking somebody must have this same question before me.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.


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Hi Ocean West,

Thankyou for this. These links are good!,  They also took me to Nick Hunter's UI Energy sample.
You've given me something to start with - much appreciated. :)


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