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Error 102-field missing

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I've got a series of web pages that I created for a database that is residing on my computer. When I search on a username I am returned the correct records. When I click on a record to get to the screen where I can view the entire record and edit it, I am returned the correct information. If I change that information and then hit the submit button (-Edit), I am returned a 102 error, which I believe is "Field is Missing."

The information that I have says that the only required tags are -DB and -RecID. I've got -Lay, -Format and -Error as well. Every single field that exists in this database is on the edit screen and every single one is showing the correct value (read: everything is spelled correctly). I just can't edit the darn thing. I can duplicate or delete just fine.

The database is quite simple. It has only 7 fields - 3 in date format, 3 in text. Nothing is validated. No portals, no related fields, no repeating. No passwords. Very simple. I don't understand what is going on.

All of the HTML files live in the same directory. All the names are spelled correctly. I actually took a working example and changed the field names and hidden fields only and I get the same error.

Any suggestions? I'm going nuts here.



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Uh, the display fields and the edit fields are one and the same. That is, it shows a text box with the existing text in it, you add to it and submit it again. It's all the same. I don't see how it could display correctly but submit incorrectly.

I checked the spellings. They are all correct. The spacing is all correct. Just for kicks I tried cutting and pasting from the Define Fields window in FileMaker to my HTML. I even used ctrl-a in the 'name' field and then copied in case there were spaces I wasn't catching. I swear, they are all correct.

As for access rights, if I go to Define Passwords all it says is "(no password)" and everything on the right side is checked off.

Anything else?

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Are you using the same -lay tag on all pages? In other words, are all pages drawing from the same layout? Are you using claris homepage? What I like to do is print out the HTML code, print out your "define fields" and highlight the fieldnames in both. As Anatoli says, it's almost always cuz I was a dumb a-- and added a space or missed a letter.

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Okay. I figured it out. Stupid error, but not spelling. I had one of my text areas named the default "text" instead of the FM field name.

I guess that's what you were trying to say, Anatoli, about the display and the submit being different.

Thanks for the help.


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Precisely smile.gif" border="0

I am always putting all fields in database on layout CGI for web. That way I know all fields are there and available.

Then I NEVER EVER type the name of field in CDML tags in HTML. I am copying all names from CGI layout.

BTW, GoLive even not 100% friendly to CDML is quite all right. It saves me great deal of time. I am probably better with HTML, than with FileMaker.

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This topic is 7986 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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