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CSV import problem

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I have a CSV file that has dozens of lines that look much like this:

"first field a" ; "second field a" ; "third field a" ; 17 ;
"first field b" ; "second field b" ; "third field b" ; 26 ;

I have read this into a variable ($csvData) with the Files.ReadFile command - which seems to have worked OK.
I then want to import these entries into a table with the FM.InsertRecordCSV command, but it is giving me grief.

MBS("FM.InsertRecordCSV" ; "Solution.fmp12" ; "Part_List" ; "Product_Code¶Description¶Brand¶SOH" ; Char(59) ; $csvData)

It reports the following:  "[MBS] CSV has 2 columns, but we have 4 field names"
It seems to have seen the four field names OK. The first three are text fields, the last is a number - in case this makes a difference.

Given that Char(59) is the semicolon, and I have also put the semicolon in quotes there instead as a test, why does MBS see only 2 columns in that data?
(Oddly enough, as a test, I replaced the semicolons with a pipe symbol (Char(124)) and then it reported that the CSV only had one column. That confused me even more.)
I get the same result if I use the data directly from the CSV file in a container as opposed to a variable.

Can anybody suggest please what I may be doing wrong here?

Many thanks in advance,


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Your CSV is really with spaces after the quote? that seems strange to me.


And I think you swapped parameters: Char(59) ; $csvData


MBS( "FM.InsertRecordCSV"; InsertFileName; InsertTableName; FieldNames; Text { ; Delimiter; FieldName...; FieldValue... } )


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Hi Comment.

Thanks for your reply. 

The error was mine and I have resolved it.  The native one works for me as well now.


Hi Christian,

Duh.  Indeed, I had the delimiter and the data back to front.
Sorry, and thankyou. :)


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