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Disabling the start up script when a server side script is running

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Hello all,

I am running Filemaker 19 with Filemaker cloud. On my local machines I have 360works email plug in. I have a startup script on first window open that registers the plug in and makes sure its ready to go. Now I want to run a script on the server side that has nothing to do with the plugin but it keeps throwing the error "Schedule "script" scripting error (4) at "database::startup: 13: <Unknown external script step from missing plug-in (#MLR - 1578)>" because cloud doesn't support plug-ins.

Is it possible to bypass the opening script when running a scheduled script on the server side? I was looking at the script parameter but that's only used for the script I want to run and not for the opening script. 

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put your registration steps in a sub script then to a test to see if you're on server by use of Get ( ApplicationVersion )  ignore that subscript when your on server.

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